Making connections that matter

Founders Carbon Network

Founders Carbon Network – fCN – stems from a close-knit group of Merlin Melles’ business associates. As fCN’s standard-bearer and figurehead, she laid the foundation twenty years ago for what has become the Netherlands’ unrivalled business network.

The unique aspct of fCN is that its members represent absolutely all sectors. fCN is a platform through which entrepreneurs meet, collaboratively develop initiatives and enter into working relationships. Entrepreneurs who dare to share and give to each other. This in turn generates a huge amount of new business. fCN consequently operates as an ecosystem characterised by continual cross-pollination. This occurs by frequently organising and facilitating network events, trade missions and seminars.

Making connections that matter

This is how fCN lives up to the maxim of its founder Merlin Melles: ‘Making connections that matter.’ Networking and client relationship management are in her DNA. The online community and numerous events enable fCN business members to tap into each other’s knowledge contacts, network, experience and qualities directly and immediately.

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Board of Recommendation

The entire board of recommendation

We look back on:

  • Kennistafel "Investeren in wijn"

    September 20th, 2018

  • fCN 25 Hours Rally

    September 7th, 2018

  • Knowledge Table Balance In Movement

    September 5th, 2018

More events


  • 25 Sep
    Opening fCN Duitsland & Oktoberfest - Trade Mission München
  • 4 Oct
    Knowledge Table Mind&Health

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‘Fulfilling your wishes, aims and dreams,
Pearlcard makes it possible’

Carbon Pearlcard

The Carbon Pearlcard is being presented especially for fCN members and also serves as their membership card. In addition to all the services included with the standard Pearlcard, Carbon Pearlcard members are invited to use the exclusive Personal Connecting Service. This service means that we will, on request, connect them with another fCN member any time they wish. This connection can be made at an event for example, or via a written introduction or by setting up a coffee or a luncheon appointment. We know all our members personally and are always pleased to help them make the right connections so that together we can open up a world of new business opportunities.

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